We have patched things up with the NRA and Mitt Romney's Group I responed to a post on FB, I learned alot from all of you and paid dearly for my mistakes, ( long story ) ,I had said some thing's about Mitt on my site, I see we are only tearing our own party a part and it's not a good thing, so I've made my move toward mending fence's in hopes of saving our party, I hope others do as well People from around the world are following and supporting me and our group, We have made a difference weather you see it or not, yes We The People, If I don't lead in a good direction , then my friends we are no better then what we are fighting, mending fence's and pulling together , Putting faith back in United We Stand is a great start, you all wanted me to lead, I'm having health issues right now, but will keep fighting the best I can by leading our group in a great direction that we all can live with. We need unity, or we will lose everything, many have tired and failed before us, our founding fathers gave us a great gift, let's use it wisely, our families shed blood sweat and tear's for this country, let's make it whole again, and show the world, we care, and we are united One Nation Under God! Thank you for the support.
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