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CIA NSA Corruption

The Truth About The CIA And NSA Corruption
Web page Under construction 10-28-2013

Please understand that we are trying to uncover all the corruption with'in our Government, by no means is any of what we are uncovering to be misused for someone's hateful agenda, hopefully people of the world will see its our Governments causing the problems and not the people of the world, we will in time get things out in the open, it's not about National Security, and hell the cold war has been over, there are those who profit from war, and there are those of us who know what is really going on in the world. Wake up, We are not perfect here, but atleast we are trying to get out the truth.

This is going to take time to get into order and Mass Media will not tell you the truth , and well Hollywood has been part in the propaganda war as well.

The weapons and the ammo that was for little Blue beany guys, it's a complete lye. President Obama admitted when he went to Israel last , that things were getting out.

More lyes being told.

Money has been channeled through the CIA and others in Britian, not only did Russia ask us to take pages down we did. They are going back up, Americans need to know how corrupt our Government has gotten

And we are not leaving out the Muslim Brotherhood on this, nor the hired guns that we are supplying that have killed over 70,000 innocent women and children in Syria.

Russia is cleaning up their mess that the CIA and Obama created along with Israel and Britian, The Chemical Weapons, were used by the Mujahideen and Muslim brotherhood and along with CIA And SAS And IDF not being able to control what is going on.

The  Weapons and Other taken that Syria had all have Russian Markings , yes we have proof that was taken from Terrorist website, By the way the CIA is using the same guys who trained the Boston Bombers. Check the Vid below, that is a Terrorist Vid ( Hire Gun Fighters what ever you want to call them, there is a difference in the guy's fighting to kick people out of their country and so on, so do not label everyone a terrorist our own Government kills people for no good reason. Makes us all sick that Mass Media has no balls to speck the truth, what the ghell happened to our country, Here are weapons stolen thanks to CIA. Go to Our Freedom News Net Work.org, we have a load of photo's all being up back up and 100's of CD's across the country just in case ! I do not want to here National Security it's all bullshit and we proved it and we are not backing off, I lost family members as well as countless others who served proudly for this country, it's all BS and most of troops know this, they can not talk so I will

Remember The News Cast Our Elected Officals covering their ass ( " we backed the wrong Guys")

CIA traing with Terrorist same ones who were involved in Boston Bombings- Please not this just a few of bad guys- 90% of Muslims are good people. More coming on that Told ya long ass story here.It s not about chasing terrorist it's all about money , profits and greed. A lot of money is made in stock market over pending conflicts and weapons sold, yes wa;ll street traders are to blame and just as much a part of it Corruption and GREED.

Next two vids taken off terrorist VID CIA traing with them

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Here is vid we copied it , to many of fake CIA , SAS, NSA, Muslim Brotherhood Vids have been taken down, make a copy of the vid, remember this coming election season, VOTE EVERY ONE OUT THEY ARE ALL DIRTY, they funded the terrorist andSyria fighters and others our troops were fighting against, about time America woke up, You were lead to believe all of Islam is bad by the Propaganda machine, not true and I'm proving it flat out, who is behind this crap

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