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                We have stood for what we believe in.

Some of us have been dragged through a broken system

​I'm sure - it will happen again - at the end of the day - I'm

personally ok with it. For Me the founder Of NGA I'm at

peace with myself and at peace with God. You have to

stand up for what you believe in - as it was in the Bible -

people where put in prison for peaceful resistance.

                  I'm pointing out- those in power know what I'm

talking about. I will point out I do live with cancer - so I'm

in a prison already - a death sentence in itself.

                  It is for the rest of us as a country to move

forward and help others and by the Grace of God bring 

good change for all Americans and to others around the

world..God Help Us. 


Our country was founded on faith. In God We Trust.

Happy Halloween

How About We -     SAVE THE PLANET

Point Of This Page We Can Keep Slamming

     Each Other Or We Can Work Together

Political Cartoons Keeping It Clean

Presenting The Cast Aways

               ​    Everyone has a story and all of us have lost a

loved one. All this political hipe on Pre-Existing Conditions

is out of hand - my own son was born with the same medical

condition  that Steven Hawkins had - yes working 3 jobs at

times I could not get help for my son. My little boy -

we watched him suffer - I could not get insurance because I

made to much for help from the state of Florida [ Early 90's]

and did not make enough to afford insurance - my boss at North

America Van Lines dropped my wages so I could get help by

that time it was to late. Yes I prayed and prayed hard- I asked

God if he was going to take my son to at least let me have one 


Christmas with him - the Lord Answered my prayers- I got one 

Christmas with my son - shortly after the Good Lord took him.

This is the Space Coast - Walk Any Of The Beach Areas You will find human waste.

                             Why should Sea Turtles have to dig through waste.

We Approve this Message The Environmental Underground.

Funny Things Happen when your supported by all political parties

Climate Change - Its Real

We need to put an end to what is going on in the world

               Using Pre-Existing Conditions in your political ads -

professing you care - is cheap politics. Some Pre-Existing

Conditions are fatal.