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Miss Brady Bought her own son a long rifle with out a back ground check FACT!

The Unborn Convicted Without A Trial - Sentenced to Death

Yes we were there and yes we run a

Cyber Security Site And FREE - ZERO


Teachers Of The Future?

  1. Brady Campaign Against Guns

The above was just a warning photo shot. As you see we left no one out.

The following photo was put up for a reason - a friendly reminder - the rest

of world - this was a personal issue and reminder to one person- your word

is your bond! So Move On to the rest of the statement

           We can solve the issues. We have been talking with all groups and moving forward to solve the real issues - drug issues - gaming - bully tactics ( The One our current President is so good at.) Trickle down effect. 

Biden 2020 Really?

International Comment

This was at an Obama Rally Man holding sign was part of the Syria Op Terrorist group

This statement will be            added to weekly

We are world wide and in almost every country and it's nothing that the main players don't know. .

Whats in your 401K ?

We are going to tread lightly and give people time to change course - this is  a warning shot across the bow.

   Huge Problem when it comes to Obama/ Biden Our

News Site has many stories and 10's of 1000's of photo's

Full Statement is coming this week  8/19/ 2019

Obama Biden used your hard earned money (Fact) Over 100,000 men women and children were killed 

‚ÄčThis statement is being worked on so that it covers every spectrum that exist within the realm that we all live.

More use of technology is linked to later increases in attention, behavior and self-regulation problems for adolescents already at risk for mental health issues, a new study from Duke University finds

Children weren't born to hate - they were taught to hate

One of Our Board Members is from South Sudan - There is finally hope in 2019 - be it so ever small -  as a group that is world wide - World Wide Freedom Fighters National Gun Association - We solve many issues. 

Yes without issue of an Act Of War By Congress? Clear Violation of The United States Constitution and Clear Violation of the United Nations Charter and International Law Interfering with another nation. 

Cases of hikikomori are often, but not always, classifiable as a variety of existing DSM-IV-TR (or ICD-10) psychiatric disorders. Hikikomori may be considered a culture-bound syndrome. Hikikomori merits further consideration and research into whether it is a new psychiatric disorder.

Gun Violence Statement


Children threaten to kill each other on live play - Every damn day

AI Parents Death In A Box!

64 Million Members ?

We put out our Cyber Security Warning in Dec.2017 and shortly after the United Nations followed suit.

Walmart Dealers In Death Games

Wrongful Death Suits will be filed in the future

        Warning To XBOX And PlayStation 

From Fantasy - Anger - Boom - SCHOOL SHOOTINGS!

Walmart Selling Games That Teach Children To Steal And Kill

More To Come on violence and the root causes that plagues all mankind

Obama Biden 2020

Why Children Kill ?

Our News Site Is Growing and Expanding to all 4 Corners of the planet

We will list every terrorist attack in this country and around the world under Obama Biden

Hikikomori refers to both the phenomenon in general and the recluses themselves. Hikikomori have been described as loners or "modern-day hermits". Estimates suggest that half a million Japanese youths have become social recluses, as well as more than half a million middle-aged individuals.

First we would like to thank the NBA for all their Global Efforts here and in Africa - We thank you on all levels

Duke University Study:


Israel Weapons Expo - Israel sells ASR-15 ammo to the US For public Use 

Children as little as 9 years old playing - what the hell is wrong with all of you!

What Americans Teach Their Children 

It does and will contain Bloody Human Remain Photos we have been left with no choice but to confront this head on!

          How Many Under Age                                 CHILDREN 

         are learning how to 



Syria Trying to rebuild after the Obama Biden Years. 2019

No-Ones Above The Law Unless Your Part Of The Rich White Ivory Tower

Vice President Joe Biden's Niece get's no jail time for hitting a cop - Daily News

Lets not forget Judge Jeanie Toward Muslims " Kill them - Kill Them" For all our children to hear!

Fox Channel

Weapons Expo's

‚ÄčObama Biden Armed The Syrian Opposition