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2660 John C Mc Namara Drive

Brackney , PA 18812



Opt 1Tactical Supply

They carry all kinds of supplies

Precision Armory

D & D
WJS The Girl Friendly Gun Store
Country Singer Jen Lawson On Board our freedom Coalition
Check her out on facebook : Jen Lawson

We would like to thank one of our hard core fans for making the following vid
Doug Zimmerman A true patriot!!!



Support And Members Joining From All Over The US And Other Nations

Our Coalition is demanding peace talks and ending ALL occuption.
it's time to set things right.
We will have peace come hell or high water and end all occuptions around the world.
The United Nations was set up for a reason, so ALL countries could have a voice, not just the select few.
Change will happen one way or another. ALL nations will have a voice. Our Founding Father gave us right's, and would not of stood for what is going on.  

Freedom Fighters From Ukraine : В поддержку свободы в Ирландии They are supporting our site and the Fight to free  Ireland from Occupied British Rule

Tiocfaidh Ar La