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Giving Back To Our Vets And All Children.

                 Giving back and helping solve the issues that we face isn't easy. And we do know

what the root cause is. Today like many others figuring out what we need to do to get good

people in office. 

                Well, today was different for me the founder of NGA - I had been looking to

donate good used beds and so on to a family in need. A friend knew a family who lives in

the Hood - their mother gunned down - the grandmother took lead but survived- survived

with 4 kids to care for. The little girls - smiles and full of life - even after losing there

mother to a Home Invasion.

                 We are pointing out even while trying to get our Law Degrees - we still fight to

do what's right. On all levels, our guys walk the walk and don't give lip service for our own

political agenda. It's time for a change.

                 This page will be covered with companies who give back to their community. We

are asking that you support these companies. And yes, I'm personally going to do what I can

for those little ones. I'm not perfect by any means - But will tell you this - we will stop the

drug issues plaguing the streets - those little girls deserve better.

National Gun Association Get Zero Funding From Anyone. Its been that way since

the start and by this each of us and each company does their part to make this

world a better place. Simple - Honest Service To the Community and the Planet.

  ** The Founder Of National Gun Association Turned Down 2 Million Dollars Twice - Yes, Turned it

down. Money is not the answer to everything. He Feels there is enough of that in Washington Already.


                                                                   In God We Trust.