Lets get this straight for the last time -YOU WERE WARNED ABOUT THIS VIRUS FROM US DOCUMENTED!- PEOPLE WOULD NOT BE DYING IF YOU LISTENED - "" Better then being dead" ?? as one Governor STATED 4/11/2020 Nice if it wasn't for the Incompetence of the Government / State And Federal people would not be dead YOU WERE WARNED MONTHS AGO AND THATS A DAMN FACT! - Media and I quote them " We better start covering this" England Listened In Part - they put the Queen In Safe Keeping! More To Come!

Yah - Our Government are a bunch of ungrateful assholes 

Democratic Convention 2020 - Who Is Biden Kidding 

We have the best Underground Media and Cyber Security On The Planet 

The Following are real photos - are you awake now 


Ok crackheads you aren't paying attention to what is going on - you know every time Lame ass media talks about the Flashing lights - or the worth-less bastards in Congress now you know it is us - I still have a rope around my fucking neck thanks to OBAMA BIDEN AND CLINTON - and we do our best - every fucking day to keep things running smooth - yah the guys and gals of National Gun Association - we could give a rats ass about those old bastards who keep screwing up the planet in DC - they have caused world wide terrorism and think nothing about the lives that have fallen on all sides due to a lack of leadership - to busy making up CYI stories to make themselves feel better about all the people they murdered go ahead and put the Biden clan in office and watch what happens - just look how the world has turned against us - Aisa just to speck they stopped military drills with the US and as reported on Jap News the things going on with oil drilling - times are changing at a fast pace. Countries rise and fall all the time and History repeats it self under Obama Biden and Clinton the world saw the highest amount of terrorism causing our NATO partners great losses - well my friends they can sugar coat those assholes that held the white house before Trump - Remember this We us - WE gave warnings - what did I get - yah my house raided and my rights and freedom stolen - frankly I don't know why we keep trying to save our country - maybe it is about the blood of my family that stained the soil here and around the world fighting for your fucking freedom - that asshole Obama needs to remember it was white guys with a shit load of guns who freed the Black folk in this country and the rest of you race batting fucks remember that [ you know the race batters on MSNBC] . Now back to Geopolitical Threats - Biden is a threat to World Peace and that is a fact.

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