​General Jack Keane knows what we have done for this country and I got hung out to dry - We were the ones Bill Hemmer Of Fox News was taking about when the Orlando attacks we warned through back spy channels three days before it happened and yet you all have a rope around my neck - used us on every level slapped my ass in jail for nine months my house raided and close to $35,000 in legal costs and for the love of God And Country - We have done nothing but try to bring peace. Understand this all our guys are back in school working on Law Degree's 

Who Created the terrorism over the past 12 years

The Syrian Red Line We started covering the Syrian conflict and other's. Being the President of Student's of peace back in my college day's we have alway's tried to bring understanding. President Obama came to Binghamton New York during the time of Small arms treaty fight, ( Gannett new's posting gun owners names and so on a story for another day.) We were protesting at BU college. Below is a photo of Obama's security team; behind the team is a man that is holding a Syrian Red Line Sign. Before the Obama security team went through, the man holding the sign tried to make his way to Obama bus.We mentioned it to the security staff and they stopped him and let him go, not being awear of who this man was. After making sure President Obama saw us protesting. We had a talk to the man about his issue's. He stated the Syrian Goverment had to go. As well as I asked him about the Children ? that were dieing because of it. The man had no concern's over the children, which really bothered me deeply. In my eye's the Syrian Rebel's were no better then then people they were fighting. More on this story coming shortly.

International Law Will Stand Resolution 837 ( 1993 )

                      Look What happened - we warned all of you

Now Trump is selling weapons to Saudi Arabia [ You Know the 911 guys]

We were in Orlando - a few people in Government got heads up and did nothing ! We tried to bring this to a quite level in Orlando this is the Founder Of National Gun Association at a Inter-faith meeting its on our news site

Syria The Obama Biden Years

United Nations International Law PDF and More

Everything We Do Is Documented - We have Ran A Cyber Security Without pay since 2013 all for the Love Of God And Country - "Pay Attention" Comment we just got on 9/12/2019 "It was received " You pay attention"[ To those who don't know how things work - we watch and record everything said.

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We warned about Yemen During The Obama Biden Years FACT!!!!

Obama Biden Facts

In Service To Humanity :: We can do much if each be content to do his share. and if our United efforts are directed by wise counsels to a common purpose.

It's nothing that is classified - and its well known and not talked about - we are just clearing the dust and publishing the truth of what took place and the root cause of the terrorism EVERY Country was hit with under Obama Biden - its a fact - truth - Arab Spring caused a conflict that killed people world wide and it took our Cyber Security Unit to bring it to a Min. God Help Us - its been hell on the founder of National Gun Association who was hung out to dry by our own country. The truth will be told a look at the arms and money that were supplied to the Syrian Opposition - Over the hate toward one leader - according to the United Nations over 100,00 people died innocent men women and children - millions of dollars spent here and there countless American Tax payers caused this mess. We put out warnings and as much as I can stand FOX news they know the warnings we put out and we are followed by every intelligence agency around the world - countless trips to talk to Good Muslims trying to put an end to this night mare for all our people world wide. 

During the Obama Biden years they Stated about getting rid of Nukes, funny thing , fate or destiny either or, out on the road driving truck I was called to deliver a hot load - this hot load [ Nuke Pumps ] - they were picked up in Upstate New York By myself and another driver - they were to be delivered ASAP [ without delay] upon reaching the Airport in the windy city we pulled into a airport hanger - met by Russian specking people they were to go in the plane headed to Russia no customs workers to be seen any place- anyways straight shot headed to Russia -the paper work is below and photo of side of the box along with our flat beds that hauled them. Don't get us wrong [ We can't stand either one of these guys - Known fact] -- But know this we are fond of Michelle as her office was involved in helping bringing Jon Hammer home from Mexico - yah we are involved in a lot of things around the world - we issued this page to point out facts and why we will not stand still having Biden back in office - its time for a new Generation - we have campaigned for both parties and many women - again Syria and this Russia Crap is getting old! Move on its Gen-X Time!

ICTY  PDF Security Council

The Following is on our News Site

For Those who don't know google [Jon Hammer Mexico]

And Back Off Michelle her office helped our group - Fact!

                          We made this point for a reason

We are leaving no one out Trump Promised Pardons - Where the hell are they?

National Gun Association

Understanding International Law [ Full Text}

The flashing lights warning comes from our website. [ The Ones Congress talks about]

Clear Violations Of International Law - And Constitutional Law

We will have the full stories brought to this site many stories and 10's of 1000's photos of what the Syria Opposition Forces did with your tax dollars supported by Democrat's and some Republicans - you all cry about this and that and No One is above the Law When in fact International Law has been broken and over 100,000 men women and children were killed at the hands of Obama Biden aid - this group of Murders are living in this country with Offices in the US and at the United Nations.

More Facts Coming

Sanders grandstanding on the floor in DC - A Spider Web Of Cover ups 

The End Of Impunity There will be Equal Justice For All Man Kind

No One Is Above The Law War Crimes Are Just That War Crimes 

Islamberg : located on a rural road in Upstate New York. Some people call it a Muslim terrorist training camp. Other's consider them part of radical Islam. We personally covered this story. They have been trying to raise funds and get donations for their Mosque. They have not had much luck. There has been fly overs of the land from what they have said at Islamberg , and complaints of gun fire by local people. This story on Islamberg is a work in process. And we should have it completed some time in 2017, and will add to it as we find time. Their property is private, not many people can get inside Islamberg.There is usally a gate keeper there during certian times of the year and no trespassing sign's. And Cameras.We have been there many, many time's'. And we suggest for those who get kicks out of getting their photo taken up by the road where the sign is that reads Islamberg, should think twice before trying to enter their land. This story came about years ago and and now is being brought out in the open. No fake news here, just honest hard cold fact's. Hard cold fact's that we personally chased down and not some new's feed story. You know the stories everyone pass's on. We all get leads on stories from one sourse or another. Nothing wrong with getting leads as long as it is facts, that is how new's get's passed around the world. With out it, and without people who care, we would all be stuck with propaganda new's which serve's no real purpose and that in it self will be covered later on. More to come

Understanding International Law

We have International Law's and treaties and a Constitution for a reason.