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An Old Navy Saying - " This was a warning shot across the bow - change your course" .

Just so it's perfectly clear National Gun Association is anti-drug. We catch any of our members doing it - they are dealt with - now that is out of the way I'm sure Oneonta State College will remember the help they got clearing drugs off the campus [ Hello By The Way ] And that includes Delhi Tech College and clearing the drugs that arrived VIA Bus.‚Äč that was headed to a few places near campus [ The Cocaine Issues ] We will address this very soon  

We are going to say this just once - those who returned to visit [ Alumni ]- a few that made it to the big time - just remember there were photos taken back when. It's not - blackmail or a threat - it's fact - actual facts of thing's that take place at parties. We own a news site and will publish stories. Now we have your attention - we just might have an issue recalling where these photos are. - With that out of the way - we feel the Alumni can take a leading role -taking responsibility - setting an example. College is supposed to be a fun time - let's make it a safe one. 

The young man who lost his life is a tragedy - and we do cover things on all our sites from Terrorism to Cyber Crimes. In time everything and everyone will be covered - but covered in a respectful timely manner by addressing the issue - simple what lead to the death or deaths and what are the causes making our children go over the edge - Guns are not the problem - Society is - the  airways are filled with violence  -games - movies and TV Commercials [ Taco Bell has a demented commercial - check it out ] - and that is a fact 

In Memory Of Those who lost their lives to the Ivory Tower 

Get Involved On Your Campus 

If You See Something Say Something Has been one of our hallmarks

As with the senseless - preventable deaths taking place lately - which 99% could have been avoided - We feel it's time to really step out and wake people up - that is everyone - Banning guns does not work - being responsible does. We will go into great detail about prevention. A Mom came out on a News Channel today saying - ' If You See Something - Say Something" - she further stated she is now saying something - well we heard her just like all the other Parents who suffer here and around the world.

We are pointing out that the college students of today need to get there act together.  Having heavy Security Experience -Bar - Security. We adopted solutions [ Back in the 80's ] that many agreed with - all street parties [ Block Parties - House Parties and most of you who went to Oneonta State And Delhi Tech Remember this well ] And this was not limited to just the 80's it worked in the 90's. Most will remember The Red Lion - The Dark Horse - And The Sip And Sail [ Bars ] among a few others. Start thinking with a clear head  - young ones. Hiring a Bouncer for your Frat party does work - These deaths that are taking place are uncalled for - Remember your the next leaders of this country - start acting like it. And we can remember Law Enforcement was happy with fewer headaches - so think twice and talk about this in your next meetings. You just might save a brother or a sister from passing.  

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