You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life. - Sir Winston Churchill
Duck Decoy's'
Made of plastic

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We recommend Danner boots, some people who backpack for what ever reason use a low cut boot, the military and those of us who are survivalist use a 8 or 10 in boot.
Danner also makes a great 17 inch snake boot
These boots have been field tested by military and survivalist, we would not recommend anything esle at this point
We have used their boots in 40 below wind chill and 130 degree heat, they worked fine for us.
The Blood Of Our Families , Spilled, The Tears, Shed, The Sweat, Soaked In The Fabric Of Freedom. - NGA
The Gun Blogger
Guns Are Big Business

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The Gun Blogger
Wether they are taken on a hunt or raised on a farm
antlers from elk and deer are used to make handles for Case knives
They are used for chew toys sold in pet stores for dogs.
The list is endless
Hunting , wildlife has a cycle that keeps everyone working
Puts food on the table, need we say more, sure we do and we are going to.
Gun Owners : This is what your brain looks like after a cat scan !
Great Ad We Will Support Arbys

National Gun Association


A dog is man's best friend, in the face of danger,a dog will lie down it's own life

For you and your family. .
AGI Offers Gunsmithing Courses. We have recommended these great people since 2013
Great people to deal with, they have their own gun club as well
Nothing wrong with joining a few good groups.
These guys we recommend.
With all the high tec weapons out there , it's a good way to make a living. Or as we say you can take your gun to Bubba and hope it works when you get it back. In the gun world people say who screwed your site up, it always get's blammed on a guy named bubba.
Watch out for the BS ATF rules, and Liberal areas when opening a shop. Untill we dump the BS laws , do your home work, AGI will help with this. You all know what I'm talking about THINK !
You can also go to the ATF's website and call them as well, they will send you information, along with explaining how to get your Federal Firearms Dealer ID'
Our Hunting Dogs
Buying a good dog from a breeder, Dog food Vet Bills, little chew toy's
Yah ! Gun guy's and gal's keep this country going on many levels'
And we all VOTE !
Trucker Drivers Own Guns !
Many drivers even have a Dog they bring along for company.
You-all better wake up. Many who drive served our military with pride.
Many of us had a familiy member who died fighting for our Constitutional, God Given Rights
We camp , we backpack , we canoe and we support the National Parks. Yah We keep America Going - We The People


Teach Your Children
Our members have decided to make huge changes
Many of them are now going to get a Law Degree
Fight Fire with Fire !
Conservation Efforts
You can bet your rear end , that we care about the great outdoors. Most gun owners live in the country ( The country life - anything outside DC city limits ), we fish we hunt, we farm and we believe in God. From Ducks Unlimited To Trout Unlimited to 100's of other great groups.
Thing's are going to change in this country. We are pulling together as a country. We are revamping all our sites.
Here is another site we started. We have rescue groups to get on there shortly, many , many across the country and around the world.
Those Rescue Dog's that are put down, they can be trained, Yah fact, we took an old coon dog and a Doby out hunting, could not tree a coon worth a crap, get this, they both would get out of the truck and run down a rabbit, yep fact, the best time , one of many.
So we will keep our guns and our faith and the love for the great out doors.
We not only keep America Going Those of us who farm, with out us you starve, we by tractors and all sorts of things that keep this country going.Think clearly before trying to take our rights, oh and those of us who drive the big rigs to bring your food, most of us are good - ol -boys, we hunt , we fish ( and some of us buy out of state fishing IDs and fish and support your local coumminties. )Yep fact. More to come. !
And there are a lot who wear a suit and tie, they hunt and fly fish as well, see , We are America , all of us , made up of people from all walks of life. We have a lot in common.
A special thanks
Running a social media company I'm sure is a hard thing, we can relate on some level.
Our thanks goes out to the CEO of Twitter
Truth To Power / Thank you
Faith Freedom Firearms