Up Salt River - The Original Movement For Civil Rights 

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The Supreme Council: Believing that good men and true men can be trusted to act well and wisely, laying a broad basis of principle upon which men of every race , country, sect and opinion may unite.

In Ireland and Scotland Your Word Is Your Bond. 


This Part Is For Trump 


Old Jack And The Salt River Movement 

            Remember this and remember it well - it took men and women - armed to fight the first revolution and it took many men and women to fight the Civil War To Free Slaves - yah white guys with guns killing white guys who had slaves - never forget this fact ever! Of course, your welcome as my family grave markers are deep in New York State. 

For those Super Packs and Dark Money Supported Fact Groups - Your Day's of Division will one day become a faded memory of days gone by - the Card Carrying sign holders who don't believe in the Truth and freedom for all people - your signs and those who pay you will be a thing of the past We are well tuned on what is going on - this game that has divided ths nation will come to an end- The Dark Money Enterprise.

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The Underground Railroad was ran by and started by whites and that's a Damn fact

      Your word is your Bond - you having your loser super packs putting up your fucking political ads on Irish Vids On YouTube Is A bit much when you can't keep your word on our Fuckin pardons. You might want to think twice about these games your playing - We keep our word and our promises - Remember that. 

National Gun Association

Civil Rights - The Underground Railroad