From Islamberg - Orlando - To Palestine To Saudi Arabia To Iran To India

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                             We have earned our respect and have been complemented by some members of Homeland Security - Education Department in China - Former members of the KGB - years ago by Secret Service when the founder worked security for Bush at the Baseball Hall of fame in Cooperstown NY - members of the CIA - we know what we are doing and that includes members of the DEA back in the 80's. We have dealt in World affairs and have respect from many Islamic Groups here and around the world - an respected by many in the Military who came to us for help! All Facts! This also includes many things we can not publish - but will say a couple members of Home Land Security went above and beyond - asking for our help - we solved that issue for them free of charge - the list is endless.  

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Beslan School Siege 

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From Islamberg - Orlando - To Palestine To Saudi Arabia To Iran To India

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School Security Solutions

                                                     The United States Of America  


                        The Most Powerful Richest Country in the world - cannot spend one dime on

school security. National Gun Association Cyber Security receives ZERO funding - We do

this out of our own pockets.


We did this after the Orlando Shootings - Our country is multi-cultural and interfaith groups bridge gaps in our community. This is not covered by Mass Media for many reasons - we are covering it on our news site - remember the kids getting in trouble are from many different backgrounds and cultures. Hence, a United Effort is what it's going to take to solve the violence that takes place in the world - the killing needs to stop - Let's work together by helping our children - breaking the cycle. Banning guns has never worked - reaching a child who is hurting will. - Terrorism is a whole different Animal and we do have solutions for that.  

Intervention - Prevention - Outreach

                               Everyone who is someone has at one point heard of us - We run a Cyber Security Site - Problem is we are not liked in some circles [ Government ] - almost all Government Agencies [ and yes around the world ] know who we are -including most of the Media - we can solve problems - we have had Police Departments that said they would hire us over the years if Congress would give us legislative approval to operate - do the math people. We know how to run high tech operations. 

Tell Congress To Listen - We Can Help Solve The Issues 

​The Demons Within

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Our Schools Are Soft Targets


         The story is in part we took over a crime scene for the Indian Tribal Police


    Till the County Sheriffs Showed - Point we know how to deal with Security issues


                            We photograph - record and document everything

Our Freedom News Network Is Covering Issues We Face In Our World Link Below

                              Having been personally gifted the Noble Quran from Saudi Arabia - do we know what we are doing - yes - and its no secret - it's on most of our websites


Christians - Muslims - Jews - Native Americans - Catholics -Sheriffs - Sheriffs Chaplains From Orange country - Media From India - we all came together as a people - a country - United each in our own faith - yet United in a common goal.

Intervention - Prevention - Outreach