The Summer of 2016 A peaceful march that was put together by a young women , a Native American.
She had posted the march on facebook.
( Facebook took it down ) FB will be an issue for another day. Trust us on that.
I was told at work through a phone call that it was going to take place.
I went in the hood ( and I really dislike putting a label on a place where people live, but hey that seems to be the norm )None the less, a young couple gave me details and said wear all black. With that being said I went home and changed, we all met at the firehouse off 520 , the media was there Channel 13 , channel 9 and Florida Today Newspaper.
( Florida Today News Paper does great local coverage and we recommend them highly )
A young boy came running out of no where and gave me a big hug. I talked to his mother, and she talked about his father who served in the United States Marine Corp. The young man who gave me a hug asked if he could have my shirt , a National Gun Association shirt, I asked his mother if he could have one, she said yes and that her kids will be taught right. I agreed the young child was a heart breaker, a very caring child.
He ran up and started giving the Police officers hugs, and all camera''s turned on that, I have to fix vid up load feed and will have that in future.
Alot of mixed feeling's on both side's , and a whole lot of talking , and prayers were said.We think you get the pic on this one, just a few details to let you know when people talk thing's out, good thing's happen and from this more good thing's will happen here in Florida.
Hat's off and respect for the Cocoa Police Department and all the protesters. May we all find peace and unity in the coming days, weeks, months and years. God Bless.

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