The List will include all kinds of people Democrats - Republicans 

 - An Activists from 1950's to present. It Will take a bit to get these all

posted. The List might cause a firestorm. Or maybe we can move forward

and fix this country together. Let's not forget - The Watch List - No Fly


Security Works

4/25/2018 The NBA players are giving back running different ads about Working together - [ Thank you - The Founder of NGA is a big fan of LaBron Go Cleveland]

The scales of Justice are extremely sensitive.


4/2018 Gov. Andrew Cuomo Restoring Voting Rights - We thank him for that - A good move in the right direction - Giving people a second chance to start a new life - one step at a time - that is what makes America Great - compassion and forgivenes-In Service To Humanity - We can do much if each be content to do his share - and if our United efforts are directed by wise counsels to a common purpose.- Pro-Life - "The Irish people have now become, in effect, the last line of defence in Ireland for the unborn child." -RTE News Ireland. - Pro-life America : Planned Parenthood "A legal slaughterhouse for humans" The Unborn Convicted without a trial Sentenced to Death- NGA

From Our Cyber Security

Local Artist Paints Flags For Veteran Cause - Cocoa Fl

4/24/2018 -- Our Cyber Security warned everyone two weeks ago that there would be a new wave of Terrorism Again the UK - France - The United States and that includes Canada And the AU for the attack on Syria.- and our News Site

The Rights Of The Colonists Samuel Adams November 20, 1772

School Security Works Just Ask Jim McDonnell Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department

Rehabilitation - Reentry - Restoration - The 3 R's for change

We will defend and support our troops and their families 24/7 - So Help us God.

6/8/2018 - Bread crumbs are just that. We will be taking Legal Action - Wrongs will be righted - Rights will be restored. Our families died for our freedom - There are many people who stuck their butt on the line for this country - End of story - Make things right. We do have over 1000 members working on Law Degrees - not counting Lawyers who are helping us on our way. "En Dios confiamos" -"Spes mea in Deo est" -"Dios Con Nosotros"- 6/8/2018 We would like to let others know that two Law Firms have donated books to the cause, we are very grateful for that. Their names will remain private for now.
3 -25-2018 - We need a National Hot Line For Children - More Detail Coming Soon


6/2018 President Trump Wanted A List its down below on this page

"If You See Something - Say Something "

4/25/2018 -- Google is helping solve issues - Drug-Free Parents Helpline 1-855-378-4373 [ Thank you - together we can change the world and put an end to the violence] ]
On Friday, February 16, 2018, Norwalk Sheriff’s Station deputies responded to El Camino High School, South Whittier, to investigate the circumstances surrounding a criminal threats call. The deputies learned a school security officer overheard a disgruntled student threaten the occurrence of a shooting at the school.

Justice Done Right

We are forever

grateful for the

Law Books Being

Donated, Even

the Old Books

gives us fuel

for the fire.T

The Eagle Drawing Is being gifted to Rolling Thunder at the Veteran Museum On Merritt Island In Florida by National Gun Association- we bought this from Linda To Support her business - she does nice work for our Veterans - Matter of fact she sent one to Fox News [ A painting ] they never responded to her - mention her or gave a word of thanks - yep good old Mass Media dumping on people who pour their heart out - Fox News should be ashamed of themselves

Remember This Guy - How Soon Do We Forget Where Help Came From.

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3/28/2018 -Breaking News : RTE Reports the following "North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has pledged to denuclearise and meet US officials following his historic meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping. "

Justice Has Been Served

HLN Mass Media brought this story to our attention - Thank you - Maybe someday we can all work together and solve the real issues that drive our kids over the edge

Linda Makes Interactive Art - She Is Located In the Old Masonic Building Down Town

Cocoa. Loves Kids - Loves Our Vets and Supports The Second Amendment 

3 -17-2018 - Former FBI Andrew McCabe Fired - We Support Jeff Sessions

Bomb Making Manuals Have Been On The World Wide Web For Years - We Gave Warnings - Very Simple - Deadly.

5/12/2018 - For Law Students : Declaration of Rights - William And Mary 1689 - : Guida v. Dier 1975 84 Misc.2d 110, 375 N.Y.S. 2d 826 : And Simple Terms The United States Constitution The Second Amendment.: - A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state - the right of the people to keep and bear arms cannot be infringed.

Never forget those who gave their lives. Honor -Sacrifice

​We are Security Experts End Of Story. 

Customs and Border Protection is Hiring
7/10/2018 We want to thank President Trump For Meeting Part Of The Pardon Requests - The Bundy Ranch - Still Waiting on others including the Founder Of National Gun Association.

Founder Of National Gun Association

National Gun Association


America Founded On Faith


We don't need another political appointee - we need real people solving this issue - not politics - this country has been run into the ground - yes no one solving the issues - its called outreach !

Pardon List Coming Soon

Founder Of National Gun Association