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The United States Postal Service 

Read Below The Stories On The Postal Service Failures 


Investigate The United States Postal Service Missing Ballots

Government Failures - Makes you wonder about The Unions who control our mail 

Yes - We are working on Legal Action.

‘Overwhelmed’ mailman accused of throwing away Christmas gifts

Read The Complaints about ISC They are Real - Google It !

If you are reading this web page - know this - after the first of the year 2021 - you will have a place to have your voice heard - I have read some ofr the on-line complaints - and I myself have become one of the lastest victims of the ISC - the USPS postal service failures - The pure lack of a Federal Funded entity - all though they say they are funned by sales [ The truth will come out ]- we will make additional statements and complaints with those who will be elected and reelected about the ""financial issues" after the first of the year

I have shopped on line - bought a product - it made it all the way to Orlando Florida - Then and I kid you not my package went all the way to Alaska - are repeated complaints it made it back here - three weeks later after leaving the center in Orlando

Sure there are many issues I'm currently working on one that came from over seas ---'August 14, 2020 at 8:39 am -- Processed Through Facility -- ISC NEW YORK NY(USPS) --- it was blamed on Customs and after a long call with them - and they were very nice about it - now being redirected back to postal service and dealing with the International group - finding myself once again on the short end of the stick - from the lies that my package was a scam and I got had to - one snot nose chewing me out because I made a complaint

Anyways we will take on the failures of the United States Postal Service after the first of the year and you will have a place to post your comments - every comment made on there site is screened - no more -

I know most of you just give up and companies have taken a small hit with lost packages More to come - This page was started on 10/9/2020 - make sure you get names and ID numbers of those who you talk to along with time called and tracking information Example " Lisa XZBDMO" --- Document everything - it is one of the first thing's you learn in Law School [ Document Everything ] '-- The truth will be told >>>