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          Freedom is something we must fight for every day of our

lives.  There are those who seek to destroy what our families

fought and died for. The Blood that has been spilled about the

soil of this county is great - the grave markers alike. Our

families fought so that you might one day be free. From

Biblical Times to the present day. [Galatians 5:13 - You

my brothers were called to be free - But do not use your

freedom to indulge in the sinful nature]


            There are also those who try to rewrite history - cover

up the truth? We are men and women of true faith. Our stories

will be told - the memories of our families will not perish

with the sands of time- but- rise to stand the tests of time.

For without faith -freedom is all but lost. For in God We

Trust that one day our country might once again be restored

to its proper Glory - so that all men and women might be free. 

Volunteer Fireman

The Sons and Daughters Of The Revolution 


Cyprus Commandery

History Through Our Eyes - The Blood Rite

Who we are : We are the Sons And Daughters Of The Revolution - War Of 1812 - Mexican War, Spanish Guerra de 1847 - Underground Railroad- Civil War - Spanish American War - World War I - World War II- and all points forward.

The Sons And Daughters Of Freedom

Knights Templar


Section One

The First Section is the Founders Family. Each Section Will Be Marked ..

Royal Arch Masons

6/3/2018 - We have been working on a project to remember our Vets - We request that you put a photo and info inside the box that holds the flag of a service member - We have received flags to care for not knowing whom it belonged - along with photos missing names. . . Above all else please document things - Thank you.

Section Two

National Gun Association