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Psalm 23

In Service To Humanity

Photos are 2013 - yah - fighting for all our rights still-


      Binghamton University - Obama protest

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In God We Trust

Psalms 133: Behold how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in Unity.

More To Come

We currently have over 1000 members getting their Law Degrees - Vote Them Out [ This statement is explained in better context on NGA link above - details]

I'm the founder of National Gun Association on my second run of

cancer and both sides- with your PROMISE's of getting us all help has

now come front and center - I - by the grace of God still walk and wake

and I'm going to fight till the day I die - not for me but for everyone of

us - our families - you all lie to. We are calling you ALL out or voting

you all out. 2020 will be a year that will go down in the history books.

My first run with Chemo was 2008 - they said I'd be dead in 3 years -

I'm still here. We have had it with the lies- as I sit in class dreaming of

the day we can all be truly free - my wonderful English teacher said

her love was not going to make it - Cancer - and she might not be able

to teach us not year. Need I say more. A lady has a daughter and a

baby - her child has brain cancer. Watch us grow. This madness is

going to end - To all you haters out there - I had a Muslim Doctor

offer  to do blood tests so I knew when my time would be ending - a

good man.[No Med's] Yep Make America Great Again ???? OK PROVE


Christians - Muslims And Jews - Dems And Rep joined together



                 We can do much if each be content to do his share -

and if our United efforts are directed by wise counsels to a common purpose

                                              We are located in Florida now

     We will post what Doctors are saying about a broken Medical System Here !