1% sales tax on everything in each state - Money strictly for Law Enforcement Upgrade of EQ [ NOT MILITARY HARDWARE ] { We will provide a list. Provide Proper training on diversity and religious values [ We will provide a platform for proper training ]  

Federal Tax Breakdown

Any misuse of funds by any - Federal Employee or State Employee - County Employee - or Elected Offical will be charged with a Felony and sent to Federal Prison - No funds shall be diverted for any reason without an act of Congress

State Tax Breakdown

1% Of Gas Tax - Border Security [ We Have A Border Security Plan

Paying For School Security

The - Keep It Simple Stupid -Tax Plan

1% Of Gas Tax - Inner City Education Upgrade On School

Infrastructure - Border - School Security - Drug Rehab - Law Enforcement EQ and Training - Inner-City Schools

5% Gas Tax 

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Federal Tax On Medical Marijuana And Sale Of All Wine - Beer - Whiskey Sales

1% of Gas Tax - School Security

National Gun Association

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Money to be used strictly for Homeless Shelters - Domestic Violence Shelters - Drug Rehab Programs - Intervention And Prevention Classes to be taught at all schools across the country [ We have a plan in place for all these issues } 

Amendment 1

1% Of Gas Tax For Military - Reentry Programs- School - Rehab - 1/2 of the 1% for Upgrade EQ [ We have a plan for this ] 


6% Sales Tax Straight Across The Board

1% of Gas Tax - Infrastructure 

The American Tax Plan