The Political Vortex - Cyber Weapons - Abuse Of Power


First we will say this the attempt to attack sitting republicans over stock trading and using Feinstein as

a Sacrificial Lamb was brilliant [ Almost as good as [Feinsteins stunt over the supreme court] [ Holding

the letter] We  applaud MSNBC and their attempt to bring this to light during a &^^8ing Pandemic.

This country has gone to hell in a hand basket  

So we ask how this information was passed to MSNBC  and how Bloomberg has not been attacked

for what he did - you really want to cross swords while people are dying and suffering - REALLY - I'm

sure after people have been laid to rest because of the lack of care and incompetence of all parties

concerned - we will see a dramatic change in our political system as a whole.

These failure's in a time of Mass Panic and Fear all to take back the Senate has gone to far - you Reap

what you Sow. The Democratic action being played during a World Wide Pandemic will stock the

Nation at some point - professing you care - all the time we are - Yes - not happy with the current

people holding power - we are not sitting by and allowing you to put Biden in office supported by Sir

Bloomberg. The 100,000's of 1000's of people who died during the Syrian Conflict Innocent people

who had done nothing to us is unacceptable - so you ask why care about the Syrian Children ? If you

have to ask us that then you my friend are sick and twisted individuals . They are all Gods Children.

One day you will be held before the ICC.    

National Gun Association


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