When trying to do something good, Remember This : If you disturb a hornet's nest, they will attack to protect the hive. How many time's are you willing to get stung ? , Before you change your path. Seek the truth . -NGA
You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life. - Sir Winston Churchill
Patriots, as we have stated on our websites.
The Grid is changing. Your going to take time and teach your children.
They need to keep their butt in school ,then off to college
Many of us are in the process of going back to school.
Law School and some are going into Media, and some into political arena.
We now have people across the south and up through the Midwest
back in school.
This also pretains to our members overseas.
So join the new revolution and get off the protest lines.
It's a waste of time, it's time to take charge of our own lives
It might not be today , it might not be tommorow or even next year
But know this change will happen,
we got many good people elected from different back grounds.
Yep ,change is coming.
Links coming soon

We have all had it with the Mass Media Circus , the fake news, the deceptions
From the past to the present, there are good website's out there that will get you past the political troll patrol.
Think for yourself. Links for good books will also be on here.
We are revamping all our websites and remember the quote from by Sir Winston Churchill
In God We Trust
Never forget those who shed blood for freedom the past 200 + years
The Swamp Fox Report
Fighting Evil Since 1776